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Yoogo battery teach you how to protect your racing battery

People love to playing racing cars


the racing cars are their true love,especially the vehicle battery ,if the vehicle battery

got broken ,then then car can not start. Car friend generally use lithium battery,they often have match once a month ,not so often to start their racing car .And we all  know that ,the car can not always place there,how to solve the problem? 


New style starting battery 

If you browse around the internet enough, you’ll find horror stories of lithium-type batteries bursting into flames or exploding. In reality, lithium ion cells typically only have a few failures per million manufactured. Fires or explosions are rare, and often the result of neglect, abuse, or low quality components. Every battery offered by Lithium Pros is constructed from high quality lithium phosphate cells, which are sourced from a licensed Phostech manufacturer designed to the highest standards with safety in mind. 


These batteries also all feature circuit board-controlled battery protection. Circuit board control is an intelligent way of managing various battery conditions. Unlike a mechanical means of control, which could malfunction under high vibration, circuit boards are capable of withstanding the g-force and vibration of a racing environment. “Getting long life from a lithium ion pack is not guaranteed and is more a game of chance when the battery does not have robust battery management,” says Lithium Pros, Kevin Bennett.



Balancing is a process in which all cells in the battery are equalized. The cells should all have the same capacity, and state of charge. This means that the battery will operate consistently. A balancing system is built into all of Lithium Pros batteries. 


Yoogo Battery intelligent battery circuitry management 

Yoogo Battery have the patent intelligent circuity management system endows the Yoogo battery with lighter weight, safer use and longer service life. So Yoogo Battery have give your the best choice ,for your best service.please checkwww.yoogobattery.com  to have a look.


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